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Custom and Standard Toroidal Transformer
Design Capabilities


Custom Design Capabilities:
Custom made toroidal transformers are designed from 20VA to 12,000VA with UL and CSA safety standard certifications, or in compliance with international safety standards for industrial or medical applications.

A custom designed toroidal transformer is usually based on a standard core with appropriate power rating. Special cores can be manufactured to meet specific requirements, e.g. extremely low profile designs.

Our experienced design group uses sophisticated software programs to calculate the optimal solution for your toroidal or choke requirements. Therefore, our prototypes will meet your specifications the first time around. No time is wasted on trial and error. With over 20 years in the toroidal power business, we are the experts. You can trust us with your most complex transformers designs, up to 18,000VA.

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Standard Design Capabilities:
We offer the industry's largest selection of standard designed toroidal transformers with dual primaries and dual secondaries.

Standard design rectifier transformers UL and CSA recognized are available for both 117V/60Hz and 115/230V, 50-60 Hz operation from 20VA to 1000VA.

A line of multi-voltage rectifier transformers for 5V and 15V regulated DC is also available.

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